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My Chocolate Chip Cookies

Over the years, I’ve learned that chocolate chip cookies can be used as currency. No, I don’t mean you can buy groceries with a plate of cookies, but I have used them to bribe many people into doing whatever I want. Before I travel, I make a batch of cookies to carry on the plane with me. I’ve received many upgrades and feed all sorts of people. I’ve feed a group of fresh-faced army recruits headed off to bootcamp, a ten-year-old flying alone, and a mother who’d just adopted a toddler from China who’d been up for two days straight because her husband who was still in China was too sick to travel home with them. BTW, the toddler was only wearing one shoe. I fed the toddler cookies while her mom slept next to me. The toddler ran off the plane on a sugar high. I’m pretty sure she’s still an only child.

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Basic Spinach Salad with Bacon and Boiled Eggs

I wish I could say that I’m a salad lover, but I’m more of a dessert lover. Until it’s socially acceptable, to eat dessert for a meal, I like to make this spinach salad. This dressing recipe is stupid easy and makes enough for two spinach salads.

I got this recipe way back a million years ago before I wrote my first novel when I was a corporate trainer for a software company. This comes from some sweet ladies in Fitzgerald, Georgia. The original recipe calls for sliced mushrooms, but the only mushrooms I like are marinated in something fantastic and stuffed with yummy things so I leave the raw mushrooms out of my version of this salad. The cook cooks, what the cook likes.

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